Seven Paintings

Seven Paintings

The Art of Dining.

The Show.

Welcome to Seven Paintings, a fascinating dinner show that combines fine cuisine with art and technology. 

Immerse yourself in an interactive 2.5-hour 7-course show that will transport your senses to an incomparable experience of taste and entertainment.

Discover your creative side!
At Seven Paintings you will enjoy 7 courses, paint, solve small puzzles and immerse yourself in a magical world full of colors, emotions and stories.

Accompanied by Leonardo da Vinci and Mona Lisa, you will be guided through the works of seven great masters of art.


The Menu.

ab 139ÔéČ pro Person.


Each of the seven works is accompanied by an equally artistic culinary course. We will also be happy to serve you the appropriate vegetarian option on request.


Tomaten-Praline, Basilikum-Gel, frische Sprossen, Kurkuma-Crustard i


Rinder-Carpaccio, Balsamico Pearls l, m , frischer Kaviar a, b, d
Sakura Kresse & ger├Âstetes Bauernbrot i

Pablo Picasso

Mittelmeer Tiefsee Garnele a, b, d, i, n auf Apfel-Sellerie Salat e, k, 11 & Mango ÔÇô Senf Dressing g, I

Jackson Pollock

Vegetable painting,
Spinat-Kokos | K├╝rbis-P├╝r├ęe | Gew├╝rz Rotkohl | Goma Dressing f, l, m

Gurke, Blattsalate, Chicor├ęe, Urkarotte, junger Sellerie e

Andy Warhol

Gegrilltes US Rinderfilet d, S├╝├čkartoffel | Tr├╝ffelp├╝ree | Erbsen Minze P├╝ree | Balsamico-Jus e, g

Salvador Dal├ş

Crema Catalana a, d Kartoffel-Tarte
mit Schoko-Crumble & Beeren, Vanille Eis mit Salted Caramel d, i

Vincent Van Gogh

Chocolate Painting on meringue a
– Schokoladen-Chili-So├če k, m
– Helle Schokoladenso├če mit Limette k, m
– Schoko-Himbeer-So├če k, m
Wir bieten auch vegetarische und Kinder-Men├╝s an!


a Eier, b Fisch, c Krebstiere, d Milch, e Sellerie, f


g Sulfite, h Erdn├╝sse, i Gluten-haltiges Getreide, j

Lupine, k Schalenfr├╝chte,

l mustard, m soybeans, n molluscs


1 mit Farbstoffen, 2 mit Konservierungsstoffen, 3

mit Antioxidationsmittel,

4 with flavor enhancers, 5 with sulfur dioxide,

6 with blackening agents, 7 with phosphate,

8 with milk protein, 9 containing caffeine, 10 containing quinine,

11 gewachst (behandelte Oberfl├Ąche von

Frischobst), 12 mit Taurin,

13 enth├Ąlt eine Phenylalaninquelle (Bsp.

S├╝├čungsmittel Aspartam), 14 mit S├╝├čungsmitteln


Arrival & Parking

We kindly ask you to use the following car park (approx. 250 metres away):

CONTIPARK underground car park Postgalerie (M├╝hlturmpassage)
M├╝hlturmstra├če 24, 67346 Speyer
Daily charge: ÔéČ 3.00

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6:00 am to 11:00 pm
Exit possible 24 hours a day

Voucher Shop.

Give the gift of magical moments, moments of pleasure - an exclusive time-out surrounded by fascinating artistic projections and culinary masterpieces in seven courses.

You can give your loved ones a special treat with our PDF and postal vouchers.


Open until at least the end of 2024!  

Walch’s Gew├Âlbekeller, Gro├če Gailergasse 1a, 67346 Speyer.


What our guests are saying.

"Seven Paintings was an extraordinary experience! Art and culinary delights merged here into a unique atmosphere. Creatively presented courses were convincing in taste and brought us fun and pleasure."
Yvonne K├Ânig
"The interactive elements at Seven Paintings always kept the show exciting. Newcomers to the art world were not excluded - on the contrary. Compelling food and all-around great experience - recommended!"
Katharina Weiss
"Everything was just right here! Every element of the show was well thought out and created a special atmosphere. Helpful staff and tasty outstanding food. A great experience and I'm already looking forward to the next show!"
Marco Schmitz


The show lasts about 2.5 hours. We kindly ask you to be there 15 minutes before the show starts.

Experience our 7-course menu in different variations: classic, vegetarian and child-friendly. Each menu is carefully composed to meet your culinary preferences.
Go to the menu options

When completing the reservation, you will have a comment field where you can express allergies or special requests, if any. Our colleagues on site will do their best to take them into account as far as possible.

Yes, we offer gift cards that you can purchase. Our gift cards are a great way to give your loved ones a culinary experience. You can find more information about our gift certificate offer here.

Yes, our show is basically child-friendly and there is no age restriction. However, we recommend a minimum age of 12 to be able to follow the plot well. Nevertheless, younger viewers are also welcome to enjoy our dinner show.

Yes, of course! At Seven Paintings we offer the possibility to organize your company Christmas party or group event. We are happy to explore the possibilities of customizing your event to meet the specific needs of your group. Contact us at to discuss further information and individual requests. We look forward to making your event a unique experience at Seven Paintings.