Seven Paintings

Das Vegetarische-MenĂĽ.

from 129€ per person 

Each of the seven works is accompanied by an equally artistic culinary course.

Currently available at the following locations: Munich, Wuppertal, Vienna, Speyer


Tomato praline, basil gel & watercress in shell crostini


Carpaccio von der Ringelbete, TrĂĽffelmayonnaise, Olivenerde, Sakura cress & toasted olive bread

Pablo Picasso

Gebratene Falafel, Zitronen-Sellerie Salat & Knoblauch-Rotwein Essenz

Jackson Pollock

Vegetable painting,
Spinach coconut / beet / pumpkin puree / goma dressing
Leaf lettuce, chicory, vegetable sticks-carrot, young celery

Andy Warhol

Gegrillte Mini-Paprika mit Couscous, SĂĽĂźkartoffelstampf, glasierte Zuckerschoten, Balsamico-Jus

Salvador DalĂ­

 Crema Catalana a, d in potatoa tart with mint & berries, Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Vincent Van Gogh

Chocolate Painting on meringue
- Chocolate chili sauce -
- Light chocolate sauce with lime -
- Chocolate raspberry sauce -